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Jonathan Louis


The Customer Experience is building a name to be synonamus for installing freeflowing exemplary standards within the front facing stratisphere. With experience over 15 years, individual award winning contributions, mentorship and positive feedback in industries including hospitality, retail and transportation sector we are the natural all rounders that strive to bring improvement to your business. This can be done by solidifiying our bespoke interaction approach, delving deep with our mindset coaching, creating Vegan and Vegaterian menus with our consultancy package, ensuring results by trailing the 3 step mystery shopper scheme and accessing pre audit prep for Enviromental health Officers visits.

Reflective of this your team/employees/management will enhance there attitude in their daily method of operation in the working environment but also in personal lives.

Our values are to built parrallel with your company to lay foundations, sow new seeds and let the greatness of growth begin.

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Mindset, Motivational and Wellness Training

Food Consultancy and Mystery shopper services

Have a dedicated Host for private functions, AGMs and more

We ensure our packages are bespoke to your business needs

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If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

- Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker



Clients Say

Daniel Roberts

Head Chef | Menu Creator | BBQ Specialist | Entrepreneur

"The plethora of services can help any business improve employee moral. His attention to detail starting from the bottom up creates a bespoke journey to put your company ahead in challenging times.

Pizza Pilgrims

Hospitality Staff | Senior Management | Head Chefs | Supervisors

"It was a true pleasure to meet such a gentle and interesting person like you. Your knowledge of interactions between people and empathy had a very positive impact on me and will definitely make me a better person, along with improving my performance at work. Looking forward to meeting you again!"

The Smoked Food Co

Smoked Food specialist | Pit Master

"A great all round knowledge from start to finish. My staff and I really enjoyed the flexibility of the partnership". Will definately use again and recommend - A true proffessional - 5 stars"





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